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Building a Brand-New Vision for Downtown Superior

exterior image of origin apartment building and new streetscape with buildings, greenery, cyclings, pedestrians in downtown superior

In the wake of the devastating Marshall Fire that swept through Superior, Colorado in December 2021, the community now looks to the future and a fresh start. Part of that new vision for Superior is the development of multi-use spaces for people to live, recreate, and gather. Carmel Partners is proud to be part of this heartfelt work and contribution to this new take on Downtown Superior.

Revitalizing Downtown Superior

Prior to the fire, Superior didn’t really ever have a localized downtown. An exciting part of our work is aiding in the development of Main Street, a pedestrian-oriented area that will run through the heart of Downtown Superior. Currently, we are developing 382 residential units and 72,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial, retail, and restaurant space to help reinvigorate the town.

“Carmel Partners understands the vision for Main Street, which has long been a multi-experiential destination for the Town of Superior as well as the region,” said Bill Jencks, vice president of real estate for Ranch Capital, LLC.

In addition to our work, RC Superior LLC will continue to support the development of public spaces within the 157-acres of land slated for this master-planned community. One of these locations will be a public plaza, designed as a central gathering place for year-round events and recreation. According to a press release on the Downtown Superior, “A portion of Downtown Superior’s 46-acre public park system will run along the north side of the mixed-use space, with new pedestrian and park improvements on both sides of Coal Creek.” If there’s anything this frontrange town deserves, it’s to have a balance of residential, recreational, and inspiring spaces to call their own.

A Work in Progress

Upon completion, Downtown Superior will offer:
* 817,000 square feet of commercial and retail space
* 1,400 residential units
* 46 acres of outdoor recreation and open space

“We are creating a destination to be enjoyed by all Superior residents and visitors. Our architectural design is elegant and sophisticated and intended to complement the natural beauty of the area,” said Dan Garibaldi, managing partner of development and construction for Carmel Partners.

A Bright Future

Superior's reconstruction after the Marshall Fire is an opportunity to create a town that is even better than before. With innovative urban planning, we can design public spaces that promote social interaction and provide areas for leisure and relaxation. Implementing smart city technologies can enhance efficiency and connectivity, ensuring that Superior remains a hub of modernity and progress.

As we look towards the future following the Marshall Fire, we must hold on to the hope and resilience that have defined us as a community. By embracing sustainability, strengthening our bonds, enhancing disaster preparedness, promoting local businesses, and building back better, we can shape a brighter, more united, and prosperous Superior, Colorado. This vision requires collaboration, dedication, and a collective effort from every resident, business owner, and stakeholder. Together, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead and create a town that stands as a testament to the power of unity and hope.